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Blissful Postpartum Preparation Workshop

  • Noosa Area Australia (map)
Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash.jpg

If you’re like me, you’ve probably spent a significant amount of time thinking about your wellbeing throughout pregnancy, preparing for birth and for the arrival of baby. Most of us give little thought to the postpartum period and how that is going to be for YOU.  Perhaps you have thought about freezing a few meals, but for the majority of us, that’s as far as we go.

The postpartum period is just as important as the other three trimesters. In many cultures the importance of the postpartum period is understood, with new mothers being nourished and nurtured for a period of around the first 40 days.  Give yourself the best chance to avoid overwhelm and exhaustion and instead enjoy a blissful postpartum period by joining our postpartum preparation workshop.

You'll learn why the postpartum period is so important, how you can best plan for it, and tips and tricks to ensure that your fourth trimester if full of peace and joy.