"42 Days of Self Care" Challenge - Part 5

Gosh, 42 days can feel like a long time to commit to something focused on yourself!! In a world obsessed with immediate results, 24/7 availability, ticking boxes, people wanting everything done yesterday it’s easy to see why we women are in a rush to show we’ve got this motherhood thing down pat in the first few weeks, to demonstrate how ‘capable’ we are and that we are ‘bouncing back’ as well as the next person.

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What does a Postpartum Doula actually do??

This is a question I’m asked a lot. Pretty much every time someone asks me what I do. I’m always hesitant to answer the question of what a postpartum doula does because it’s a bit like the question ‘how long is a piece of string’. Well, perhaps the options are slightly narrower as a postpartum doula but you get my gist! Similar to my experience when choosing a Midwife or choosing an osteopath, they are not all created equally. That’s not to say that one is better or worst than the other, more that the things that appeal to one mother regarding postpartum support may not appeal to another. We are all drawn to different things, different types of people and different approaches. That’s just life. So it’s important when considering postpartum support to find someone that you feel comfortable with.

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Why bother with Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga?

Good question! Why bother with Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga? (Especially when you already go to a great yoga class, or have got this far through life without yoga).

You may feel perfectly happy continuing with your current practice if you are seasoned yogi and your teacher is able to take care of your needs throughout pregnancy/postpartum or you are happy doing your own research on pregnancy/postpartum yoga. I certainly know people who have taken that path.  Similarly, you may never have felt called to do yoga or to attend a yoga class up until this point, so why start now? We all make different choices. Rarely is there a clear cut right and wrong with all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Often it’s more about tuning in to what is right for you.

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