Marking Mental Health Week and My Own 5 Non-Negotiables for Wellbeing

Generally, I hate to generalise, but in this instance I’m going to.  Pretty much whatever angle I look at it from, being a Mum is HARD! I hear from others that it’s hard, I read in blogs and social media that it’s hard and it’s my lived experience so far (nearly 6 years in and counting). But I’ll be honest, when I had my first I seriously wondered why everyone else was finding it all so easy. Turns out that they weren’t but who knew?!? Not me.

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That Light Bulb Moment

We all have our light bulb moments. Everyone’s moment will look very different but when it happens it's hard not to LISTEN.

I've had a few big light bulb moments since having children. The most significant being at around 8 weeks postpartum, when according to some, the postpartum period is ticked off, yep, that’s right, done and dusted! However I still felt like I was in the thick of it. I WAS in the thick of it.

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