Why bother with Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga?

Good question! Why bother with Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga? (Especially when you already go to a great yoga class, or have got this far through life without yoga).

You may feel perfectly happy continuing with your current practice if you are seasoned yogi and your teacher is able to take care of your needs throughout pregnancy/postpartum or you are happy doing your own research on pregnancy/postpartum yoga. I certainly know people who have taken that path.  Similarly, you may never have felt called to do yoga or to attend a yoga class up until this point, so why start now? We all make different choices. Rarely is there a clear cut right and wrong with all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Often it’s more about tuning in to what is right for you.

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"Don't Wait Until You Are Thirsty To Dig The Well" - Planning for Postpartum

The postpartum weeks are a time of great change for a new mother, physically, mentally and emotionally.  How you journey through this period can have a lasting impact on your life as a mother and as a woman. As Ysha Oakes said ’the first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years’. So why in our society is this important time for the new mother so ignored, both in our planning for becoming a mother, and during the time itself?

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Why Blissful Mothers?

Having such a tough postpartum period (appreciating it’s not a competition, everyone’s ‘tough’ is different and that’s ok)  led to me knowing that my future work HAD to ease the path into motherhood for other women. To help them create their Village, sometimes maybe to BE their village, or at least part of it. To share with them the information they require to plan for their postpartum with the same level of thought and awareness that is already given to pregnancy, birth and subsequently to parenting.

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