That Light Bulb Moment

We all have our light bulb moments. Everyone’s moment will look very different but when it happens it's hard not to LISTEN.

I've had a few big light bulb moments since having children. The most significant being at around 8 weeks postpartum, when according to some, the postpartum period is ticked off, yep, that’s right, done and dusted! However I still felt like I was in the thick of it. I WAS in the thick of it.

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Hands up if this is you?

I’d like to talk about something that’s been coming to the forefront of my awareness for a while. Something I see with so many mothers. I’m even going to put my hand up and admit I do it too. I don’t actually think it’s limited to mothers but it is around mothers I see it the most. I see it arise time and time again. Why is it a problem??? Because Motherhood can be pretty darn lonely at times and this trait only adds to the isolation as we set ourselves apart from others, rather than recognising that we are all in the same boat. The ‘something’ shows up in a few different guises but what I see is this….

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Are you worth it? I say a resounding YES!

I’ve thought for some time as to whether to (re)post this meme. So many people get uncomfortable when we talk about money. Heck, I get uncomfortable talking about money.  Money, and perceptions around money and worth, can be a sensitive topic but I’d love to have the conversation. May we?

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Are Bliss Balls the answer to everything?

Staying nourished in the days and weeks after the birth of your baby can be a challenge. We aren’t all in a position to have someone around for those first 40-60 days cooking for us and taking care of our needs as we take care of babies needs. I was careful not to use the word luxury there as I don’t actually believe postpartum care should be considered a luxury, though it often is. 

Bliss balls aren’t the answer to everything (though some days it does feel like it!!) but they can be a great boost during the postpartum period when hunger strikes and you need something quick.

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Why Blissful Mothers?

Having such a tough postpartum period (appreciating it’s not a competition, everyone’s ‘tough’ is different and that’s ok)  led to me knowing that my future work HAD to ease the path into motherhood for other women. To help them create their Village, sometimes maybe to BE their village, or at least part of it. To share with them the information they require to plan for their postpartum with the same level of thought and awareness that is already given to pregnancy, birth and subsequently to parenting.

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