"42 Days of Self Care" Challenge Part I

If you follow me on social media at all you may have noticed that I've taken on a 42 day self care challenge (thanks to Rebecca Home - Postnatal Doula), 42 days being the number of days often talked about in terms of the most crucial period in postpartum care. Obviously I’m a little beyond 42 days postpartum (roughly 1260 days beyond if we are counting) BUT self care shouldn’t be something we only focus on at specific times of our lives. Sure, there will be points in our lives that self care is going to be especially important, pre-conception, pregnancy, postpartum and menopause to name just a few) but for us to thrive as individuals, families and communities we need to move our care further to the forefront of our lives.

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Why bother with Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga?

Good question! Why bother with Pregnancy and Postpartum Yoga? (Especially when you already go to a great yoga class, or have got this far through life without yoga).

You may feel perfectly happy continuing with your current practice if you are seasoned yogi and your teacher is able to take care of your needs throughout pregnancy/postpartum or you are happy doing your own research on pregnancy/postpartum yoga. I certainly know people who have taken that path.  Similarly, you may never have felt called to do yoga or to attend a yoga class up until this point, so why start now? We all make different choices. Rarely is there a clear cut right and wrong with all things pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Often it’s more about tuning in to what is right for you.

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