Marking Mental Health Week and My Own 5 Non-Negotiables for Wellbeing

Generally, I hate to generalise, but in this instance I’m going to.  Pretty much whatever angle I look at it from, being a Mum is HARD! I hear from others that it’s hard, I read in blogs and social media that it’s hard and it’s my lived experience so far (nearly 6 years in and counting). But I’ll be honest, when I had my first I seriously wondered why everyone else was finding it all so easy. Turns out that they weren’t but who knew?!? Not me.

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"Don't Wait Until You Are Thirsty To Dig The Well" - Planning for Postpartum

The postpartum weeks are a time of great change for a new mother, physically, mentally and emotionally.  How you journey through this period can have a lasting impact on your life as a mother and as a woman. As Ysha Oakes said ’the first 42 days after birth set the stage for her next 42 years’. So why in our society is this important time for the new mother so ignored, both in our planning for becoming a mother, and during the time itself?

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Are Bliss Balls the answer to everything?

Staying nourished in the days and weeks after the birth of your baby can be a challenge. We aren’t all in a position to have someone around for those first 40-60 days cooking for us and taking care of our needs as we take care of babies needs. I was careful not to use the word luxury there as I don’t actually believe postpartum care should be considered a luxury, though it often is. 

Bliss balls aren’t the answer to everything (though some days it does feel like it!!) but they can be a great boost during the postpartum period when hunger strikes and you need something quick.

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